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Welcome To Blue Imps Smurf Collection

Blue Imps is a personal smurf collection site from Wales, UK. You can find pictures of all the smurfs in our smurf collection, facts and information about smurfs including markings, variations and fakes, links to many smurfy websites, smurf bulletin boards and much more by following the links above. The quick links on the left will take you to the different sections of our smurf collection and some featured pages.

Our Smurf Collection:

  • Smurf PVC figurines
  • Super smurfs
  • Promotional smurfs
  • Smurf buildings
  • Smurf playsets
  • Ceramic smurfs
  • Resin smurf figures
  • Smurf A Grams
  • Raw Smurfs
  • Fake Smurfs
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Latest smurf news: releases, fakes, discoveries etc.
Click here for smurf village pics
Check out our smurf village. Click on pic above.

To find information regarding markings and variations please click on the photos on the collection pages. If you have any smurfy stories, comments or questions please feel free to contact us at

Hope you enjoy your stay and have a Smurfy Day.

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We are founder members of the Smurf Community

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