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Legally: Any smurf that has been produced without a license or has been altered from the original production is a FAKE.

As a product becomes more popular (and profitable) the risk of it being faked or illegally produced increases. Smurf figures and smurf merchandise are no different and over the years many fake smurfs have been made. There are quite a few different types of fake smurfs around today including mass produced unlicensed figures, repainted smurfs to look like rare variations, smurfs that have had items added to them, fun home-made creative smurfs and even smurfs that bare no resemblance to any original figure.

Fake magician smurf - not based on an original figure

Some faked smurfs have become quite sought after by some smurf collectors, especially those that are not based on an original figure. The majority of this type of fake were not produced on a mass scale and are therefore normally quite hard to come by.
Unfortunately, the more modern fakes tend to be related to profit and the business of repainting to make rare smurfs and the unlicensed production of more expensive normal smurfs is causing a growing concern to all smurf collectors. There are two serious problems that smurf collectors must consider:
1. Spending a lot of money on a "rare" smurf that turns out to be a repainted standard figure.
2. It will decrease the value of "real" rare variations and expensive normal smurfs.
Below you can find details about some of the fake smurfs that are available on the market today.


Unlicensed mass produced smurfs.
Probably the largest selection, these figures were produced in huge numbers back in the 1980's and tend to be based on original smurfs. I have found from personal experience that most of these smurfs are to be found in Europe, especially Holland and Belgium. Normally the overall quality is very poor and different materials were used ranging from very hard plastic to soft rubbery materials. Seams tend to be rough and if there are any markings, they tend to be blurry and unclear. Colours normally correspond with the original but there are many cases of colour variations within this type of fake smurf.

Fake smurfs - same colour

Fake smurfs - colour variations

Fakes not based on original figures.
There were a number of these smurfs made, they don't seem to be based on any of the original designs. Again these smurfs seem to have appeared during the 1980's. As nobody really knows how many of these smurfs exist, some of the designs can reach high prices.

Fake magician smurf - not based on an original figure
Fake expensive smurfs.
There are a number of smurfs that were only produced for a short time or in some cases only available in certain countries. These smurfs often have higher values which has resulted in their exploitation. The main smurfs targetted have been:
Praying smurf and smurfette
Christmas Wreath smurf
Candycane smurf
Graduation #1 smurf
Their quality is very good compared to the earlier fakes and often it is very difficult to tell whether it is fake or genuine, especially from a photo. Sometimes the base material is a different colour, the markings are often unclear and the shape of the mold can be slightly different. It is widely believed that some of these smurfs were actually produced using the original factory molds but little information is available because if this is the case it would have been done unofficially and probably illegally!
Check out - Ösi-Schluuumpf - for lots more information.

Fake #1 Graduate smurf

Blurred markings

Repainted to replicate rare variations.
With so many colour variations produced and very little official information regarding production, it is quite common to find ordinary original smurfs that have been repainted to produce "rare colour variations" or "rare test versions". This is a real problem for any smurf collector, basically remember that if you discover a "new variation"or a "never seen before", it could be that somebody decided to open a tin of paint the week before!
Normal red ice lolly painted with blue & white
Items added to smurfs.
A series of smurfs were officially produced and released only to "Smurf Collectors Club International" (SCCI) members in very limited numbers, these tended to have items glued to them and when complete with original certificate fetch very high prices.
It was relatively easy to obtain the "Schleich minis" that were used and the result is a number of fake SCCI smurfs, often being sold for large amounts. See for more details.
I have seen many wierd and wonderful items added to smurfs ranging from miniture cola cans to lego to condoms, some for fun, some by mistake and of course some trying to mislead.
Congratulations smurfs with Schleich mini pig
Creative homemade smurfs.
Another type of fake smurf but these creations are not normally profit orientated. Generally this acivity is carried out by genuine smurf collectors, using damaged smurfs and their creative talents to recycle otherwise useless figures. Some of the creations are quite stunning with incredible detail. Usually if one of these figures is sold it is made clear that it has been altered. That said, these homemade smurfs can sometimes reach high prices when sold on Ebay.

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