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Smurf Shops

  • Kitty's Cavern - Uk smurf shop selling new and vintage smurfs, super smurfs, smurf buildings & playsets, promo smurfs and even a smurf bargain basement. (Language - English)
  • - Complete smurf collectors resource. Shop, ID guide, excellent bulletin boards and plenty of information about collecting smurfs. (Language - English)
  • Timeless Trinkets - Online shop, ID and price guide, plenty of variations and a page featuring guest collections. (Language - English)
  • Gascher's - Formerly known as Smörfer's. Very large German online smurf shop, authors of
    "Der Schlumpf Katalog ". (Language - German & English)
  • - German online toy shop with a very good selection of new and vintage smurfs, playsets and buildings. (Language - English)
  • The Papa Smurf Shop - An actual smurf shop in Holland as well as a great online resource.
    (Language - Dutch & English)
  • Astro's Treasure Chest - Online resource for smurfs as well as other toys and collectibles from Canada. Part of the "Ultimate Smurf Web Club". (Language - English)
  • Buffalo Road Character Collectibles - Cartoon, Comic, and Character Figures, Collectible Figures, Toys and Collectibles. Dealers of smurfs for over 15 years. (Language - English)
  • - German online collectibles resource, including many smurfs and smurf merchandise. Often sells on Ebay. (Language - German)
  • - Online toy store based in USA with many smurfs and smurf merchandise available.
    (Language - English)
  • SvampByn - Sweden: Anette runs the Swedish Smurf Collector's Club and also has an online shop. Anette speaks very good English so don't be put off by the website being in Swedish. (Language - Swedish)
  • Kapow Gifts - UK: Buy smurf figures, toys and merchandise as well as plenty of other retro gift ideas. (Language - English)
  • - New online smurf shop based in Australia. Accepts Paypal. (Language - English)
  • Putte100 - Sweden: A new Smurfs and Star Wars shop from Sweden and although the site is in Sedish, Diana speaks good English. (Language - Swedish)

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Smurf Collectors > Europe

  • Archies Smurfs - UK: Large site with many gallery photos. Archie often has auctions running on Ebay. (Language - English)
  • Beyond The Mushroom - UK: A lovely smurf site showing off Graham's collection including some fantastic homemade creations and smurfy scenes. (Language: English)
  • - UK: A great smurf website with many features including Martin's huge collection, smurfs to trade, bulletin boards and info about toy fairs. (Language - English)
  • National Friends - UK: Plenty of photos showing Stephen's impressive collection on this wonderfully designed site. Be sure to check out his SCCI smurfs. (Language - English)
  • Smurfy Steve's Amazing Smurf Collection - UK: A great smurf site from Smurfy Steve showing his collection, trade and wanted lists. (Language - English)
  • XoioX2000 Kinder Smurfs - UK: Probably one of the best resources for Kinder smurfs and Kinder smurf sets that is available anywhere. (Language - English)
  • Ösi-Schluuumpf - Austria: Probably the funniest smurf site on the WWW. Very impressive collection as well as some hilarious "smurfy creations". Also plenty of serious information about fake smurfs from George and Lilly. (Language - German & English)
  • Myriams Smurfen Site - Belgium: Lots of photos of Myriam's smurf collection and smurfs she has to trade.
    (Language - English)
  • - Belgium: Featuring Xavier's large collection including promos, playsets and much more. Information about "Schtroumpf Passion" smurf fairs. (Language - English)
  • - Belgium: Showing off the very impressive collection of Denis, including great pictures of the entire smurf collection. (Language - French & English)
  • JT's Smurf Page - Finland: A new smurf website showing Janne's growing collection of smurfs and smurfs available for trade. (Language - English)
  • Smurf Collectors Unite - Finland: Very well designed smurf site showing photos of Liinu & Pauli's collection, a figurine index and a list of smurfs they have to trade. (Language - English)
  • Yonna's Smurfs - Finland: A lovely looking, easy to navigate smurf site showing Yonna's collection, her missing smurfs and a trade page to show what she has spare. (Language - English)
  • Bruno Beda - France: Check out Bruno's huge collection with many rare smurfy items. Also many hard to find items to swap and trade. (Language - English)
  • Matt's Smurf Collection - France: Nice website showing Matt's smurf collection with links to his unique smurfy creations. (Language - English)
  • JPP's Schtroumpf Site - France: Jean Philippe Paul's smurf collection showing off a wonderful selection of the different smurf mechandise that has been available. (Language - French)
  • Andy's Smurfland - Germany: Showing Andy's very impressive collection. Very nice photos of the more special items in his collection. Large collection of smurf a grams and raw smurfs. (Language - German)
  • BlauBähr Angelt Im Schlumpfsumpf - Germany: Plenty of information and photos of Uli & Petra's smurf collection. (Language - German)
  • - Germany: Pictures of Tom Schlumf's collection including many rare promo smurfs. Home of "The Smurfy Webring". (Language - German)
  • Blaue Zwerge - Germany: Well designed, easy to use website by Klaus-Peter. Many photos showing all of his collection and info on his Ebay auctions. (Language - German & English)
  • - Germany: An excellent flash website showing some of Dirk's rarer smurfs from his incredible collection. (Language - English)
  • Finn-Linus - Germany: Featuring photos of smurf collection in various index formats and lots of information about the history of smurfs and smurf comics. (Language - German)
  • Karamaik's Smurf Treasurechest - Germany: Showing Karsten's impressive smurf collection including his extensive collection of "Smurf A Grams" and smurfs available to trade. (Language - German & English)
  • Mister Blue - Germany: Very creative smurfy graphics made by Erik, be sure to see his "First Page Pictures". Very comprhensive website showing his fine collection. (Language - German)
  • Schlumpfige Homepage - Germany: Jan Schlumpf's huge website, with excellent photos of his entire collection and loads of information including history, markings and fakes. (Language - German)
  • Wibkes Homepage - Germany: Featuring photos of Wibke's smurf collection and information on Kinder toys.
    (Language - German)
  • World Of Smurfs - Germany: Extensive gallery showing their collection with plenty of information about markings and variations. (Language - German)
  • HFOS Smurfs - Holland: Wonderful photographs and a really well designed smurf website from Robin. (Language - English)
  • - Holland: Pictures and news about smurf festivals in Europe. Smurf collection photos including some nice fake smurfs. (Language - English)

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Smurf Collectors > Australia, Canada, New Zealand & USA

  • Brad's Smurf Collection - Australia: A long time collector, Brad shows off his collection beautifully here and plenty of useful information and smurf news from down under. (Language - English)
  • Rae's Little Blue Guys - Australia: A very nice smurf website showing Raelene's growing collection and her list of wanted smurfs. (Language - English)
  • Sgt Papas - Australia: An excellent resource for smurf collectors showing many many variations and excellent information on playsets and buildings. Also a huge selection of other smurfy items. (Language - English)
  • Tiny Blue Tykes - Australia: A great smurf website from down under showing Linda's growing collection and her fantastic homemade smurfy creations. (Language - English)
  • Baboune's Smurf World - Canada: A large Kinder and smurf trade website showing off Baboune's collection, doubles for trade and items still required. (Language - English & French)
  • Men' No Blue - Canada: A fantastic showcase from Canada. An excellent smurf resource for fake smurfs and all those odd smurfy items. Also a very fine collection of regular smurfs and rarer smurfs. (Language - English)
  • Ultimate Web Smurf Club - Canada: The original internet smurf club since 1996. A huge smurf collectors resource including photos, collectors contact list, smurf news a multilingual table of smurf names and plenty more. (Language - English)
  • Smurf Weekly Magazine - New Zealand: A fantastic smurf site from New Zealand with some of the best home made smurf creations in the world. (Language - English)
  • - USA: World's largest compendium of Smurf material. Huge resource for all smurfy items including figurines, dolls, household items, linens, videogames and much more. Home of "The Smurf BBS". (Language - English)
  • Hidden In The Woods - USA: A new and growing website from Maureen showing many different smurf items from her collection. It will be fun to see the site grow. (Language - English)
  • Jenifer's Smurfy Smurf Site - USA: Individual photos of Jenifer's collection and smurfs she has for sale. Check out her great homemade smurfs. (Language - English)
  • Kicking The Blues - USA: A new smurf website showing Gerda's huge collection of smurfy items and merchandise as well as a very impressive PVC collection (Language - English)
  • Vic George's Imaginarium - USA: Vic's site contains his own smurfy stories, smurf 3D artwork and a complete smurf cartoon episode guide. (Language - English)

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Other Smurf Sites

  • Kollecta - A new site from New Zealand for smurf collectors to show their collections, wanted lists and the facility to organise smurfy trades. (Language - English)
  • The Web Smurfer - Translate any web page you wish into Smurf jargon. It will also translate links, so every subsequent page will also get translated. (Language - English)

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