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Smurfy Facts

"Smurfs? Yes I remember the little blue and white guys."
Almost everyone knows of the smurfs, whether it is from collecting the PVC figures as a child, watching the smurf cartoons or more recently seeing them in McDonalds promotions.
The smurfs first appeared during the 1950's in a Belgian cartoon comicstrip which followed the adventures of Johan and Peewit. Created by Peyo (Pierre Culliford), the little blue imps were discovered deep in the forest living in a mushroom house village. Since then the smurfs have gone on to achieve world wide popularity, starring in comics, books, cartoons, full length feature films and even recently in video games.

Johan & Peewit

Johan and Peewit

The PVC smurf figurines were first introduced in 1965 with over 400 different figures having been produced so far. After taking into consideration different markings, colours and mold shapes there are actually thousands of different smurfs to collect, with new variations still being discovered today. New smurf figures are still being produced, in fact there have only been two years (1988 and 1991) that no smurfs were introduced. Every year, up until the year 2000, 100 different figurines (The Golden 100) were available, some were newly introduced and some were reproductions of older figures, this was reduced to 50 in 2001 due to the deterioration of older molds.

1st smurfs produced

Normal, Gold & Prisoner
The first 3 smurfs introduced in 1965

Just about every occupation, sport, musical activity and special occassion has been made into a smurf character over the years. Along with the smurf figurines, other smurf merchandise has become available including super smurfs (smurf figures with accessories), playsets and buildings, smurf a grams (figures on stands) and you will find smurf images on just about anything from bed linen and curtains to lunchboxes and alarm clocks!
There are a huge amount of smurf collectors world wide and with the internet making international smurf collecting so much easier this very popular hobby will quite likely grow even more in the future.

New generation smurfs

Hip Hop and Cyber from the new generation of smurfs.


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