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Smurf Production Markings

At first glance many of the smurfs in our collection look the same. Closer inspection shows each smurf has a marking on it somewhere (normally on the feet) to show where, when and by what company it was produced.

Original production, Peyo on arm, nothing on feet.

Schleich Emblem, W. Germany Peyo 2

W. Berrie & Co. Made in Hong Kong, Peyo 1969

W. Germany Peyo 4

CE W. Germany Peyo

There are many markings, these are just some of them! Peyo was of course the inventor, Schleich and W. Berrie & Co. are companies that produced and licensed smurfs. The year is normally the first year of production, not the year that smurf was made. A number indicates which mold the smurf was produced from.


Bully also produced smurfs under license from Schleich.
Below are examples of different Bully markings.


Different Countries.
Smurfs have been made in several countries over the years including Germany, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Macau and China.

Made In Macau

Made In Portugal

Made In Sri Lanka


Coloured dots.
Some smurfs have coloured dots on their feet. These indicate where the smurf was painted.

Red - Sri Lanka

Yellow - Portugal

Green - Tunisia

Black - Portugal?

White - ?

This marking is the Muster (master) mark which indicated that a smurf was "perfect" and possibly used by the painters as a reference.

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