Smurfs At Blue Imps Smurf Collection
2.0045 - Artist
Artist Smurf

First issued: 1978 (1978 - 1991)
Later productions: 1997 - 1998

1. - W. Germany, Schleich Emblem, Peyo, Muster Mark.
(Muster mark on feet)

Please note: This smurf arrived as the Artist Super Smurf but is not the normal smurf used in this set. He is however counted as a genuine alternative but we have included him as a regular smurf as this is how he is normally regarded.

2. - W. Germany, Schleich emblem, Peyo, yellow dot.

3. - Schleich Emblem, Peyo
(Markings on back, very waxy material)

4. - Made In Hong Kong, W Berrie & Co, Schleich, 1978, Peyo.
(Darker yellow on pallete & brush, darker skin)

5. - CE, Germany, Schleich, 1980, Peyo.
(Different order of colours on palette)

Mini Model - Argentina - With Markings
(Brown & yellow brush missing, different colours on palette)
Spanish Fake - No Markings
(All yellow brush, different colours on palette)

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