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Fake Easter Smurfs

In 2004 we first started seeing fake Easter smurfs appearing on the market. Suddenly a huge amount of smurfs started appearing on Ebay and they were all being sold from Hong Kong. Normally they were being sold in sets of six and were being shipped in sealed plastic bags all together. It was actually quite difficult to tell immediately from a photo if these were indeed fake as the overall quality of them is quite good but just the sheer amount of them being sold and the sellers themselves who were also selling other "rip off" toys told us that these were indeed unlicensed, inferiour quality smurfs.

On closer inspection with the smurfs in hand it is easier to spot that these are fakes. The smurf figures themselves are slightly smaller overall than the genuine figures and whereas the originals are all a one piece mold, most of the fake versions are in fact two piece molds. Some of the smurfs are quite easy to pull apart making them a health concern, especially for younger children, due to the choking hazzard. The markings are identical to the original smurfs although the blue dot is a lot darker than the blue dot we see on genuine smurfs and the markings themselves are quite blurry.

Now that these fake Easter smurfs have been around for a while, they are unfortunately much more difficult to spot as they are being sold seperately or in amongst other smurfs. Sometimes the seller may not even be aware that these smurfs are indeed fake although we have noticed some very well known smurf sellers on Ebay selling them.

Always be aware when buying Easter smurfs, these fake figures have a much lower value and as already mentioned, could be a health risk to children.

Article Written February 2007

Two Piece Mold
Visible Seams
Blurry Markings & Small Gap Between Mold Parts


Comparison Between Genuine & Fake Easter Smurfs

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