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Fake Expensive Smurfs
Be very careful when spending you hard earned cash!

What do these four smurfs have in common? Well there are two things. Firstly they are all relatively rare figures as they were only in production for a short period of time but most importantly, they are all FAKES. As with all collectibles, the rarer items tend to be targetted as they yield the highest profit for the faker and smurfs are no exception. For a long time the Praying smurfs, the Christmas candycane smurf and the #1 Grad smurf have all been victims of unscroupulous dealers. Their quality is often very good and it can be very difficult to tell these fakes smurfs apart from an original, especially from a photo.

These fakes cause two major problems for the smurf collector. There is a chance of spending a large amount of money on a figure that is not an original and it affects the price of the real ones. The price drops because there seems to be more available and collectors are scared of buying a fake.

Please remember, if you are looking to purchase one of these expensive smurfs, check as thoroughly as you can to see if you are getting a genuine figure.

Fake expensive smurfs


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