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BASF Promotional Smurf
Mystery Smurf Appears On Ebay

In Novemeber 2007 something quite exciting happened in the smurf collector's world. An unknown smurf appeared on Ebay in Germany and caused quite a stir! At first there were many rumours that it was in fact one of the unannounced 2008 smurfs but then a few more appeared but this time they had various coloured tags which had BASF written on them. After a few questions to the sellers and confirmation from Schleich it was established that the newly molded Chemist smurf was indeed a promotional smurf made for BASF to commemorate the strong relationship between Schleich and BASF but neither company would confirm how many have been produced. The coloured tags available are red, orange, dark blue, light blue, dark green and light green to match the BASF logo colours.

There was what only really can be described as a frenzy to start with and prices were often reaching 100 Euro plus but with a steady supply of them for sale, prices have reduced dramatically although it is hard to say what the eventual value will be with the number produced still unknown.

Article Written December 2007


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