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There has been a new addition in 2005 to the type of fake smurfs appearing. This time we are finding original figures but with fake PVC parts added. The parts that have been added include green, brown and red apples, blue and grey canoes and suprise bags in both the original red and green colours as well as other new colours such as blue. There also seems to have been an increase in the amount of fake raw smurfs on the market including copies of the very rare Christmas smurfs. We believe that somewhere there is a production of these PVC copies, probably in Germany as this is where the majority of these fakes are originating from, although they do end up being resold from other European countries as well. Unfortunately, the PVC fakes are being sold as "prototypes" and have been reaching very high prices, let's hope they do not end up in the various smurf guides as original figures as this will only help the problem continue. Please be very careful when buying the red & gold and green & yellow suprise bag smurfs as we have spotted a few of these fakes being sold as originals.

Fake PVC Additions

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