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Rugby Smurfs
Information regarding 2.0065 rugby smurfs

As keen rugby fans as well as of course smurf collectors, we were naturally drawn to the rugby smurf - 2.0065. The "normal" colours of this smurf are a yellow shirt, red shorts and yellow socks but we had noticed that there were colour variations of the rugby smurf wearing international rugby team colours. There was very little information regarding the colour variations of this smurf in any smurf guide and any information that was available was very vague and the prices varied incredibly. It soon became apparent to us that the majority of the colour variation rugby smurfs were in fact released in the UK during the National Garage smurf promotions in the early 80's.

Here are the colours that were available in the UK:

  • Wales - Red shirt, white shorts, red socks.
  • England - White shirt, white shorts, black socks.
  • Scotland - Navy shirt, white shorts, navy socks.
  • Ireland - Green shirt, white collar, white shorts, green socks.
  • France - Light blue shirt, white shirts, red socks.
  • New Zealand - Black shirt, black shorts, black socks.

Another discovery regarding the rugby smurfs was that there were two other colour variations relating to team colours. Firstly, a fairly obvious one which was the South Africa team colours but there was another which wasn't so obvious and has confused quite a few smurf collectors. This second one being the British Lions team colours which are very similar to the Welsh rugby smurf. These smurfs we believe were released to commemorate the British Lion's tour of South Africa in 1980 and were definitely sold in South Africa and also possibly in Hong Kong as there seems to have been quite a few discovered there also.

  • South Africa - Green shirt, yellow collar, white shorts, green socks.
  • British Lions - Red shirt, white shorts, green socks.

One other note of interest regarding the rugby smurfs is a notable team missing from the colour variations available and that is Australia. As far as we are aware, there was no smurf released in the Australian colours and the popular theory for this is that it is because Australia weren't quite as prominent in the world rugby scene back then as they are now.

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Rugby Smurfs

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