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UK Variations Discovery

Not long after we rediscovered smurfs we noticed that certain smurf variations (often yellow colours) were being found mainly in the UK and there was very little information in the German guides regarding these smurfs, some of which were not even mentioned. After discussing these smurfs with other UK smurf collectors we discovered that in fact it is likely that these variations were in fact only released in the UK during the National Petrol promotions of the late 70's and early 80's. Up until this point these smurfs were relatively unknown to the rest of the World smurf collectors and certainly not recognised as being UK variations. We have listed the "newly discovered" smurfs below the photo although it must be remembered that as well as the smurfs mentioned, some of the rugby and football colour variations were also only available in the UK.

Due to the fact that these smurfs were only available in one country and for only a limited time, the values of some of them can be quite high and they can be very hard to find. The UK variations have now been included in the most recent German guides and smurf collectors from around the World are now searching Ebay UK to find these variations.


UK Smurf Variations

  • Brainy - Yellow Glasses
  • Shiver - Yellow Scarf
  • Torchbearer - British Flag
  • Sled - Yellow Scarf
  • Chimney Sweep - Yellow Scarf
  • Skateboarder - Yellow Shirt
  • National Garage Promotional Smurf & Pump
  • BP Set - Congratulations & Champion Smurfs

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