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New Fakes Or Old Stock?
Fakes Flooding The Market

Over the years many fake smurfs have been produced, some are exact copies, some are not based on original figures at all. Many of the fakes that were available during the 70's and 80's are now actually collectibles in their own right as some smurf collectors actively seek them out and this is reflected in their value. During 2003 and 2004 more and more fakes started appearing on the market, often available in huge lots. At first it was questioned whether in fact there had been a large discovery of old stock of these because of the way they were being sold and the huge quantity of them. All the larger lots were being sold from Holland, many lots included doubles but it was the sheer volume of these smurfs being sold that started the alarm bells ringing. Prices soon dropped dramatically and we decided to investigate further.

The newer versions of these fakes were very different to the original fake smurfs. Their quality is very poor overall and the material they are made out of is a much harder plastic, not at all like normal smurfs or indeed the older fakes. What we also noticed was that these new fakes all looked and felt like they had been newly made and generally in a very shiny, unrubbed condition. These faked fake smurfs can still be seen regularly on Ebay, being sold normally with no mention that they are in fact fakes and certainly no mention of them being newly made fakes. Smurf collectors have always had to be aware of fakes but it is now even more imptortant to consider what you are buying, these newer fakes currently have a very low value. We have shown just a small selection of the smurfs that have been available!

Fakes Of FakesOriginal Fake Millionaire On Right

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